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Lucan, Dublin 20

This two bed duplex property needed to be updated to accommodate a young family of four. Storage was limited and spaces were cluttered. The over arching colour was magnolia which also had to go!

The kitchen was redesigned to include a new peninsula and built-in benches with storage. New units and Nettle Soup from Colour-trend makes the space feels larger, calmer and more functional.

The entrance has been style in a dramatic mono-chrome fashion. Creating wow factor with fabulous new light fixtures and black doors. Additional storage was also included under the stairs which declutters the space making it feel welcoming and spacious.

The bathrooms were completely redesigned, to incorporate double sinks with plenty of extra storage and larger shower and bath areas.

The sitting room, office and both bedrooms were also redesigned, organised and styled.

The property is now bright, colourful and clutter free, with storage provided for everything they own.